Free Community Yoga with Maggie, 7:30am, Nantmel Farm at Camphill Soltane, Glenmoore

Soulful, gentle movement with breath practices, to share in the sacred practice of yoga together. No experience, flexibility, or fancy yoga gear required! If you have your own yoga mat, great! If not, a blanket or towel will be fine.

Strength in Meditation, 10-10:45am, Nantmel Farm at Camphill Soltane, Glenmoore

Join Karuna in cultivating your inner Spring! Come with your old winter burdens, those memories that weigh on you, the patterns that repeat in your head and heart, the emotions of feeling stuck. Come tired. Come anxious. We will sit together, find solace in group meditation as we learn to nurture what is and let go of what no longer is.

We will come together for four consecutive mornings to silently meditate, practice gentle seated yoga moves and discuss topics that we feel surround us during this rebirth season. Afterwards there will be a cup of chai for all.

Kindly bring with you any props you enjoy using, like blankets, pillows, yoga mats or blocks. Feel free to email Karuna with any questions!