Letter from the Executive Director


Dear Soltane Community,

What a busy summer we've had! With the move of many activities and people to Phoenixville, Camphill Soltane has been in a state of transition. In order to better respond to this shift, the boards of Camphill Soltane and the Camphill Soltane Foundation have agreed that the Foundation will manage Soltane's beautiful campus in Glenmoore.

Rachel Bowden, President of the Camphill Soltane Foundation, along with the Foundation staff, Glenmoore-based Soltane staff, and a joint board committee, will oversee use of the property including rentals, hosting, maintenance, and horticultural initiatives. The general operations of Camphill Soltane, in particular the enterprises, advocacy and community building, will still fall within my responsibility as Executive Director.

As a result of these shifts, and in order to reflect the recent consolidation of all textile and fiber arts operations under Entwine, Entwine leader Lauren Prince will join Danielle Cowan (General Manager), Kristen Pell (Director of Community Arts), and myself in the Camphill Soltane leadership team. The leadership team will also be joined monthly by Rachel Bowden to ensure the work of the Foundation and Camphill Soltane are in sync.

The Camphill Soltane leadership team also meets monthly with the Foundation and Parzival leadership in a collaborative inter-organizational leadership forum.

Sending my best wishes for a wonderful end of the summer season to you all. Thanks for your continued support of Camphill Soltane.

Adrian Bowden
Executive Director

Adrian Bowden