Letter from the Executive Director


Dear Soltane Community,

These last months have been very full and meaningful for the Camphill Soltane community.  This spring began with the passing of Kristina Benzon, a pillar of the community who had lived in Soltane for 25 years. Kristina was a dedicated friend and land worker whose determination and kindness touched the lives of countless people. Her death was a very difficult reminder of the importance that each individual person plays in our community, as we are not the same without her. Kristina is deeply missed by all of us, and we are grateful for the time we had with her, as well as the overwhelming generous contributions she and her family have made to Camphill Soltane.

April was also a time of new beginnings. The Wine and Fine Dining event was a wonderful success with many new cast members. All of us who carry this amazing event forward into the future are thankful for all of the work co-founders Ted Swinnerton and Johanna Allston put into building it, and for all of the renewed enthusiasm our event committee brings.

We are also excited to have fresh energy at the board level. A long time friend and neighbor Paige Razzi has joined the Camphill Soltane Foundation board. Paige is a Principal and Head of International Marketing at Vanguard, and we are grateful for the experience and insight Paige offers to our work.

For the first time the Soltane Campus hosted the North American Council for Curative Education and Social Therapy annual conference in early May. Over 120 friends from around our region came and experienced our hospitality while getting to know each other and learning together.

The Soltane/Parzival community of organizations is nearing the end of its strategic planning process, supported by Suzanne Biemiller from Highland Strategies and Deborah Crocker from Grounded Consulting. We are exploring how Camphill Soltane cultivates and strengthens communities by embracing and advocating alongside people with disabilities, and looking forward to sharing our new strategic plan in the coming months.

The joys and sadnesses of the community experience make it clear how fortunate we are to have so many friends and supporters walking with us. We look forward to deepening our connections  and finding out how we can support each other into the future!

Adrian Bowden
Executive Director

Adrian Bowden