​Camphill Soltane has a new Board Chair!

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I am thrilled to announce that Dr. Beth Barol was unanimously elected yesterday to be the new Chairperson of the Camphill Soltane Board of Directors.

Beth will take over from Alex Dews who has been an amazing Chair for Camphill Soltane during a period of great restructuring and development.  I am deeply grateful for Alex’s contribution and I am very happy that he will continue on as a member of the Camphill Soltane Board.

For those of you who may not know, Beth is Director and Associate Dean at Widener University‘s Faculty of Social Work. Beth has been actively involved with Camphill Soltane since 1995 and has been on the Board since 2013.

Beth has provided immense support through training and guidance for many years at Camphill Soltane and has been instrumental in supporting Camphill Soltane and recently Parzival navigating the evolving field of adult disabilities.

The following is a quote from Beth describing her commitment to her profession.

“My passion for social work started in the footsteps of my father, who spent most of his career working within the Settlement House Movement in Philadelphia. I saw him do his part fighting oppression, and I set out in high school with a mission to do the same. My own engagement in this mission over the past 38+ years has been in the service of people with intellectual and developmental disability, especially those with "challenging behaviors." These men, women, and children of all backgrounds are among the most oppressed and voiceless members of our society. If we can find a way to help them be heard, we will be facilitating a climate where every voice in society is heard. We need this now more than ever.

My work has taken me from being a live-in house parent to being a facility director to being the clinical director for the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Retardation Statewide Training and Technical Assistance Initiative, as well as a consultant at home and internationally. I endeavor to use these experiences in my teaching to help bridge the gap between theory and practice.”

Beth’s election to the position of Chair of Camphill Soltane also means she becomes an ex-officio member of the Board of the Camphill Soltane Foundation. 

Please join me in thanking Beth for agreeing to commit her time and energy to Camphill Soltane at this exciting time of developing a new strategic plan.

We will be providing some updates on the work towards the strategic plan in the near future.

Warm winter regards!

Adrian Bowden
Executive Director

Adrian Bowden