Holiday Wishes!


Dear everyone,

It has been a wonderful year of Parzival and Soltane developing in their distinct but mutually supportive ways.  We have seen many things come together and many people, I feel, come into their own.

Soltane is 30.  The once precocious child of Beaver Run and the Camphill Movement has emerged into full blown adulthood.  Soltane let go of the “service provider” role and transformed finally into a “place for everyone”. A place where people can be supported and inspired, a place where people can meet the knights who they think are gods.

Parzival is seven years old.  For most of its first seven years Parzival was known as Community Life Works.  The step from community into individual identity and personhood has felt right.  People feel connected to the story of Parzival and the name which can be understood as “Love pierces to truth”.

Our community is stronger now. It isn’t the same - but difference is what we are all about...

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday time.  As they say in the Oberufer Shepherds Play:

“Let all mankind rejoice this morn both rich and poor be glad!”

Adrian Bowden
Executive Director 

Adrian Bowden