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Living & Learning, Training & Working Updates

Welcome to Grace Kearcher, a new Training & Working participant. Grace will be joining us T/Th each week.

We are currently looking for a part-time and full-time support staff weekend position in Living & Learning, and two full-time direct support professionals for Training & Working. Please contact Kelsey Schwenk.

Parzival is looking for volunteers!

If you are interested in volunteering with Parzival or know someone who is, please contact Kelsey Schwenk.




 Soltane Hospitality Dates to Note:

  • Whitsun Hall is used regularly for basketball, Tuesdays and Sundays 8:45pm

  • Whitsun Hall is used regularly for volleyball, Sundays 6:30-9am

  • Whitsun Hall is used regularly for theater work by Singer Studios, Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-7pm

  • April 27: Possible event in Whitsun Hall

  • May 2-7: Matthew Shumaker/Douglas

  • May 3-5: NAC conference

  • May 9-11: Nathaniel Williams

  • June 28/29: Aging Retreat

  • October 18-20: Caesura (Poetry Conference)


Camphill soltane foundation


Thank you to all the volunteers who actively helped out, and to all the people who were patient and understanding about any changes in routine brought on by the Wine Event this weekend.  We couldn’t do it without you!

It always takes a few days to nail down exact numbers, but we are pleased to share that our preliminary amount raised is definitely over $200,000, making last night one of the most successful in the 17 years of this event. Also, the cash ask (which this year will help fund building maintenance and renovations) is hovering around $44,000, our highest number in the past 8 years.


soltane association


“There is a knighthood of the 20th century whose members do not ride through the darkness of physical forests as of old, but through forests of darkened minds. They are armed with a spiritual armor and an inner sun makes them radiant. Out of them shines healing - healing that flows from a knowing of the Image of the Human Being as a spiritual being. They must create inner order, inner justice, peace and conviction - in the darkness of our time.” Karl Koenig, founder of Camphill

  • You can now find recordings of Core Group and some committee meetings by looking for “Soltane” on your favorite podcast app.

  • Change of meeting time! Core Group meetings happen every Wednesday from 3:35-4:30pm in Barista Class, Whitsun Hall. These meetings are open to all.

  • We will from now on include the minutes of our Core Group meetings:

    • Danielle gave a presentation on ideas for Soltane campus. Check out the latest podcast.

  • If you are interested in learning about the Soltane Association or would like to get involved you can contact any one of the Core Group members: Rachel, Thalia, Patrick, Danielle, Courtney V, Alyssa, Adrian, Lauren P, Larken or Sabine.

  • The values of the Association are:

  1. Intentional Gladness

  2. Compassionate Interest

  3. Acquired Enthusiasm

The founding of the Association is inspired by Anthroposophy and the Camphill Community. If anything attracts you, contact us at Soltane Association Core Group




Upcoming Regional Dates:

May 3-5: NAC (North American Council) conference at Camphill Soltane

Approximately 80 people from across North America will come together around the topic of “I and the World, finding healthy balance in community.”