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Learn about what's going on in the Soltane community! Scroll down to browse community happenings by section: Parzival, Camphill Soltane, Camphill Soltane Foundation, and the Soltane Association.




Parzival is looking for volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with Parzival or know someone who is, please have them contact Kelsey Schwenk.




 Soltane Hospitality Dates to Note:

  • Whitsun Hall is used regularly for basketball, Tuesdays and Sundays 8:45pm

  • Whitsun Hall is used regularly for volleyball, Sundays 6:30 - 9am

  • The NAC (The North American Counsel) Conference is happening on May 3-5 2019.  


Camphill soltane foundation

  • Don’t forget, if you are Christmas shopping on, please name Camphill Soltane as your charity of choice! We appreciate it and it’s a great way to make your purchases do more!

  • Our Annual Appeal letter has been sent to friends and supporters this week!  If you have someone in your life you would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact Sue Moore at


soltane association


“There is a knighthood of the 20th century whose members do not ride through the darkness of physical forests as of old, but through forests of darkened minds. They are armed with a spiritual armor and an inner sun makes them radiant. Out of them shines healing - healing that flows from a knowing of the Image of the Human Being as a spiritual being. They must create inner order, inner justice, peace and conviction - in the darkness of our time.” Karl Koenig, founder of Camphill

  • You can now find recordings of coregroup and some committee meetings by looking for “Soltane” on your favorite podcast app.

  • Coregroup meetings happen every Wednesday from 12:10-12:55 in Barista Class, Whitsun Hall.

    We will from now on include the minutes of our coregroup meetings:

    • Read from Early Images and discussed. Refer to podcast. (Excerpt quoted above)

    • Kristen has resigned from being secretary/ombudsperson. Thank you Kristen. We will look for a person to replace this role.

    • Sabine will have conversations for the podcast with all chairs and officers of the association.

    • Reflections on the General Meeting. For next time: flyers, invitations, artistic activity, connecting with Easter tide, planning agenda in advance, break out groups was good.

  • The date for our next quarterly general meeting will be in March.

  • If you are interested in learning about the Soltane Association or would like to get involved you can contact any one of the Core Group members: Rachel, Thalia, Patrick, Danielle, Courtney V, Alyssa, Adrian, Lauren P or Sabine.

  • We are looking forward to Larken’s presence soon as the incoming chair of the economic committee.

  • Free Yoga with Maggie on Monday mornings at 7:30am in the Rose Room

  • The values of the Association are:

  1. Intentional Gladness

  2. Compassionate Interest

  3. Acquired Enthusiasm

The founding of the Association is inspired by Anthroposophy and the Camphill Community. If anything attracts you, contact us at Soltane Association Core Group